To ban or not to ban

Today some dark misty clouds came across the Terminal over the isle of Altis.

A brave sniper team found their way to a hard mission with a special gift .. an abrams tank nd more loot inside hide at the nearby outpost.

The team could handle the most soldiers, but some hide insider their outpost. The teams engaged .. but running into close combat both heared an incredible scream from the air .. a shikra jet just passed by .. shooting the glowing hot and deadly support for an incoming mate of him. The stranger entered the scenery with a T100. With this firepower both sniper put their ass to the ground and keep watching.

Maybe the stranger with his tank didn't noticed the green bushes next to the brown rocks but after looting the bots and packing the lootcrate into the tank, he tried to tow the abrams to the T100 .. but immediately two deadly steal bullets from a SPMG hit his head. He fall into the dust .. one sniper has found his target while the other watched the sky.

The shooter ran to the tanks and grap just the important things of the still warming corps laying between an T100 and the abrams. He got everything he needed and puts the gears in as loud as he could.

But unfortunately the dead stranger and his mate in the jet could handle theorself and followed the brave sniper into the safe (traders) zone. They took the mission tank while trolling around. Even after the owner and other admins appear on the scenery they pretend cowardly virginess.. they pretend not to be part of it .. but the snipers had their AAN Network drone for military documentaries right by them.

The snipers followed the rules and let the bastards not be banned for their behaviors . Hopefully this will be a warning to everyone .. currently and in future.

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