Admins & Mods

Respect eachother and help eachother where needed.

1. When modding, you MUST be wearing an vr/entity suit and your [MOD] or [ADMIN] tags.. If you are doing a mission, please switch out of the entity suit.

2. When you are modding, you MUST have god mode on.

3. When doing missions, you need to have player ESP on and check map icons every so often. If a player is getting near, you need to TP away immediately.

4. When doing a mission, please do not be teleporting around. On the off chance a player does see you, that looks terrible for the entire staff team.

5. If you are doing a mission and a player engages you, finish that engagement (let them kill you).

6. If in combat, never use staff powers.

7. When playing normally (for extended periods of time), you must relog with !admin so you do not have access to your powers.

8. Do not get involved in base raidings or provide info about it.

9. As admin/mod we can’t be involved in a family/clan.