About us

Welcome to THE LAST EXILE, one of the last major militarized Altis servers for Arma 3. Besides the @Exile mod, you need the @RHS & @Sab mod to connect to this server. We are also changing our loadout, so we still need parts of the @CUP mod.

We have been a growing community since may 2018. Tormented by administrator abuses, we have set up our own server. The server is regularly maintained and managed by an active team of administrators who work closely with the owner. Be part of it and do your part.

A well-kept interaction with each other is required. No hacking, fraud, racism or personally offensive comments! Violations will be punished.

We have friendly active admins who play sometimes, but they are not there to be abused. They are there to monitor potential hackers and fix server issues. Our admins will not troll or disturb the game if you have not asked for help. Surely they like to frighten, but only to remind that at any time is to be expected danger. They only help with disruptions, but not to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players.

The Last Exile - Server Information:

  • Map: Altis
  • JSRS (Sound Mod)
  • LRR Silenced Mod
  • specially created missions with Highloot (tank, jet and plane)
  • Advanced Towing, Urban Rappeling & Sling Loading
  • 150,000 pop tabs for new players (in locker)
  • Safe hacking is added (at least 5 players online and requires a laptop)
  • Black market traders - NOT SAFEZONE (armed vehicles and high-end equipment)
  • Vector Building (Kippunterteile in all directions)
  • Eject, Halo and Basejump (Magic Parachute on Scrollwheel)
  • Halo or Ground Spawn option on Respawn
    Spawn at own territory
  • DMS (mission system of Defent)
  • R3F Logistics (lifting, towing and loading in vehicles)
  • Sell Mission Crates at Wastedump Traders
  • Claim spawn vehicles (code lock required)
  • Safezone Anti-Theft (first person in the driver's seat after entering the zone)
  • Virtual Garage - Stow Vehicles with Loot and View Code (XM8)
  • Change view distance (XM8)
  • Fully Customizable Status Bar (XM8)
  • Remote CCTV Camera (XM8)
  • Handicraft Manual (XM8)
  • Server Information (XM8)
  • Private chat (XM8)
  • AirDrops available (food, vehicles, construction material, weapons) (XM8)
  • Direct spawn of Hummingbird or Hunter possible (XM8)
  • Defibrillator for resuscitation
  • Chopping wood directly into vehicles (within 50 m)
  • High prey spawn rate
  • Choose day or night (just enter in chat)
  • Armed Helis (Ghosthawk, Hellcat, Pawnee and Orca) added
  • Armed car and boat added (Hunter GMG and Speedboat Minigun)
  • Dyeing of building parts possible, look in our webshop for it!

Come to us! More information about us and our servers can be found here on web or in the Discord.