Rules in english

1.    The Last Exile General Rules
1.1.    Racism, insults, sexism or discrimination as well as spam and flame wars will not be tolerated on any service provided by The Last Exile, this includes game chat, discord etc.
1.2.    Be a decent human being, watch your wording and remember you are talking to another person.
1.3.    Only English in side chat.
1.4.    No advertising other servers, it is forbidden.
1.5.    Hacking, Glitching, Duplicating, Bugging or any other exploiting is not allowed and will be punished harshly. Report all incidents to the staff.
1.6.    This is a PVP/PVE server, expect to die alot.
1.7.    The admins are entitiled to punish rule violations at their own discretion.
1.8.    The admins MAY replace lost vehicles with sufficent proof and reason given(bugs, glitches, illegal engagements
1.9.     Warning its your own risk to put your vehicle safe in your base when it blow up inside a wall what you build later we dont refund it
1.10.    Admins are there to keep order and help, not to babysit you. No information about AI locations ant missions, nor teleport services will be given.
1.11.    If you need Admin or Mod support, contact them on discord(link here).
1.12.    Combat logging is not allowed. Administrative action will be taken.
1.13.    It is not allowed to move or place objects in your base while being raided.
1.14.    It is not allowed to permanently rearm or repair your vehicle at an ammunition/repair objects or vehicles.
1.15.    It is not allowed to camp a spawn-city from your base. Except when a player is raiding a base and re-spawns there.
1.16.    All allegations must be solved on discord, not ingame side chat. Keep it clean.

2.    The Last Exile Safe zone Rules.
2.1.    No Ramming.
2.2.    No driving players over.
2.3.    No trolling in the safe zone.
2.4.    When a vehicle enters a safe zone, it’s considered property of the driver who moved it in there.
2.5.    Stealing other players items, vehicles or anything else is strictly forbidden within the borders of safe zone. All actions are logged, rule breakers will be executed.
2.6.    Do not lock other players out of vehicles.
2.7.    All vehicle ownerships within the safezone will be void after restart. Locked vehicles within the safezone will be unlocked and can be stolen.

3.    Safe Zone Combat Rules.
3.1 A player leaving or entering the safezone is not allowed to shoot leaving or entering players and their vehicles.
3.2  Players are not allowed to activly engage or camp near safezones. Up to distances of 1000m from the edge of the safezone. For air-to-ground, ground-to-air and air-to-air combat the distance is 2000m. Unless the attack started before the assigned distance. With video proof.
3.3.    Do not place mines or explosive devices within a 1000m of safezone.(gewijzigd)

4.    The Last Exile Building and Territory Rules.
4.1.    Do not build within 1500m of military areas marked on map, spawn cities, safezones , Radiation zones or blackmarkets .
4.2.    If you are not sure what counts as military area, ask an admin.
4.3.    The flag MUST be accesible by atleast one door. No concrete boxing.
4.4.    The flag may not be blocked with constructions.
4.5.    Multiple placements of components to the same position is not prohibited.
4.6.    You have to regularly pay for your base upkeep at the office. Failure to do so will result in deletion of the base. You can see the payment date in your XM8 app.
4.7.    Vehicles have to be used at least every 21 days otherwise you may risk losing the vehicle to the database maintinance(virtual garage ).
4.8.    A player is only allowed to be listed in one territory with one family. Having multiple bases per family will result in deletion of those bases.
4.9.    A vehicle that is not used for 3 days will be automatically unlocked.
4.10.    Breaking any of these rules may result in deletion of the base with all the containers in it.

5.    Artillery rules.
5.1.    Shooting on missions or other targets is only allowed if you are somehow involved with it in example a teammate is laying in a radius  of +- 800 meters
5.2.    The shooting at Safezones and Spawn Cities is not allowed.
5.3.    Breaking those rules may result in losing your artillery vehicle.

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